Stuck on the About US or About Me page- What makes a Good Read?


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What Makes A Fantastic About Page

A fantastic About page is genuine, approachable, and distinctive. It should provide a taste of what working with you and your company might be like. You may include elements such as hobbies, anecdotes, and photographs that tell the story of you and your company’s individuality.

It’s tough to establish one all-encompassing template for your About page — there are so many ways you can go about telling your company story. The good news is, there are some tried-and-true steps to get you started.


1. Create a mission statement.

Your About page will be more comprehensive than a single mission statement, but to entice people in, you must succinctly state your objective in the industry up front. What is it that your company aims to achieve? Why should your website visitors care about what you have to say? This information will last a long time after your visitors leave your website and may serve as a helpful reminder of your company.

2. Outline the story of your company.

Every company has a narrative to tell. You may not have had many changes and progress (yet) as a start-up, but it’s an impressive touch to talk about how you got to where you are on your About page. Therefore, identify the events that occurred before your company’s establishment, and use them to give readers some context about your current company.

3. Show how you’ve grown.

There’s no reason to be embarrassed if your company approach – or even the way you think – has changed since you began. In fact, these changes may help you tell a more compelling tale to website visitors.

The beginnings, growth, and ideals that have aided your organisation’s maturity are all excellent topics for About pages. These periods might be used to tell more about your company’s narrative and demonstrate that you’re always willing to adapt to the demands of your sector.

4. Describe how you discovered your “ah-ha!” moment.

Every company worth its weight has an idea at its core — something that might not be currently offered in the marketplace. What was your “Aha!” moment? When telling your company story, use this as a key pivot point. What was the biggest challenge you faced while developing your company? How did this challenge or discovery shape what you are today?

5. Describe the people you’re trying to reach.

You might want everyone to see your About page, but you won’t be doing business with each person. That’s why you should identify and mention your target customer. This makes it clear to your visitors that your business is all about helping them reach their objectives.

6. Explain what you have to offer them.

Be clear about what you’re offering as you explain who your target market is. Oftentimes, companies will make their products or services more vague than necessary on their website in an attempt to sound more appealing. However, this only makes it harder for customers to understand what they would be paying for. Although businesses may worry that explaining their products too literally would make them seem uninteresting, tough luck – being understandable is much more important than sounding fascinating.

However, investing just a few words into describing what customers would get if they choose to purchase your goods or services could keep them on your website longer and pique their curiosity in learning more.

7. Give examples of clients you’ve served in the past.

Your company’s About page is the perfect place to show off your loyal customers and highlight how they have benefited from your work. A great way to showcase this is through a case study.

Letting prospects know about your company’s past successes can influence their purchasing decisions because they will be able to see themselves achieving similar success stories.

8. Describe your values and beliefs

Your customers are human beings who want to be treated as such. They need to feel that the people serving them are also human. When you’re writing your company’s About page, describe yourself and your team as people, and list your personal values. What kind of culture does your company have? And what is the greater mission or vision that drives your business forward?

Keep in mind that your company’s About page is also for future employees. This is another incentive to describe your personal principles — showing potential job applicants that you share their values will seal the deal.

Best About Us Page Examples

1. Yellow Leaf Hammocks


If you have a great story that illustrates how your product or service is designed to change lives, don’t keep it to yourself! The About Us page on your website would be the perfect place to share it. Good stories humanise your brand and give people context and meaning for your product. Furthermore, good stories are sticky – which means they’re more likely to resonate with readers and be passed on.

On its website, Yellow Leaf Hammocks tells users about how its product empowers artisan weavers and their families. The company uses a combination of words and easily digestible graphics to break down different aspects of the story, painting a picture instead of presenting large blocks of text.

Yellow Leaf is clear about why its brand is different: “Not a Charity,” the page reads. And then: “This is the basis for a brighter future, built on a hand up, not a handout.”

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

You might not think you have a story to tell, but every company does – and it’s worth sharing on your About Us page. After all, pages with stories are more engaging and effective than generic ones. If you’re feeling stuck, consider using descriptive and emotive copy, or pairing your text with gorgeous graphics.

2. Eight Hour Day

Most people believe that About Us pages have to sound professional in order to gain trust, but the reality is that people are more likely to trust other human beings. Your page should always sound friendly and real.

If you want to make your company stand out, don’t try too hard to sound professional on your About Us page. This will only result in stiff, “safe” copy and design. Take inspiration from Eight Hour Day instead. This brand showcases the people behind the company and humanises its brand, which is a great way to make your company more relatable and distinct.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

The photos of the founders on this About Us page make it very clear that Nathan and Katie enjoy being creative individuals. They cleverly state that “creativity makes us happy.”

3. Apptopia

People want to know what your company does and how it may benefit them. After all, if people can’t figure out what you do, how will they know they need your goods or service? So skip the industry jargon—that’s what Apptopia does on its About Us page. The company’s basic but well-written language effectively communicates the product offering while still allowing the Average Joe to comprehend it.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

Apptopia’s short, punchy sentences explain complex products and ideas without sounding condescending. The copy on this About Us page starts by empathizing with the reader.

4. Moz

Try something unique rather than following the conventional About Us script and writing a few paragraphs about the company’s objective and origins. There are several options for making your brand more appealing to someone who isn’t aware of you. Take Moz, for example. Since it was founded in 2004, a lot has occurred, therefore the firm decided to showcase those milestones with a fun, clean design that uses clear headers, succinct blurbs, and minimal images to separate the text.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

We adore how modest Moz’s explanations of how it obtained money, changed its brand positioning, and so on are. We especially appreciate the references to how Moz acquired funding, how it revised its branding positionings, and most importantly, how it reverted back to its original business model. This demonstrates the significance of honesty and humility in your customers’ eyes. Don’t be afraid to discuss your highs and lows; your consumers will value what you say even more.

5. Yokel Local

Yokel Local’s About Us page is effective in a few areas: the company emphasizes its customers, its narrative and purpose, and the team behind the brand. This last aspect is crucial since Yokel Local understands that “vibe” wins over potential clients. After all, when you hire an agency, you’re hiring its people. And personalities exist among them.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

“Yokel Local” is a fun and creative name that makes people smile. The company pokes fun at it by providing the definition, which then leads into photos of the team at work (and at play), the agency’s story, its mission and values, and the people who make the magic happen. This light-hearted culture is included all over their about page as employees make goofy faces, wear ugly Christmas sweaters, and demonstrate they work hard but also enjoy taking time to play too.

6. Nike

Nike may appear to be a large corporation that no small company would want to idolize. You might even question if Nike has an About Us page any more. It does, and it hasn’t forgotten where it came from.

Nike began in the University of Oregon’s track coach Bill Bowerman’s garage. And, even though he no longer works there, one of his famous quotations remains etched on the bottom of Nike’s About Us page below: “You are an athlete if you have a body.” This strong statement, which is marked with an asterisk, sheds light on Nike’s target market. Despite its popularity today, according to the rest of Its About Us page, Nike is all about the rising stars — people who the business relies on to “extend human potential.”

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

The About Us page of Nike is a clear example of how to attract your target market. There’s no doubt that the visitor to this site knows where they’re supposed to be.

7. Bulldog Skincare

The contrast between “normal” marketing and engaging marketing is the difference between making webpages with great content that are simply straightforward versus pages that not only have excellent information but are also colorful with a unique voice. When you produce engaging marketing, you can begin to accumulate passionate followers of your brand who will assist in your journey to success.

Where does this fit into a company’s About Us page? The folks at Bulldog, a men’s skincare company that was named for the colloquial “man’s best friend” – a dog – could have typed up a few paragraphs about where the brand came from and how it was one of the first in the space to redefine and eliminate stereotypes around men’s grooming. But that text alone would have been a bit, well, average.

The About Us page, on the other hand, is succinct, and colourful, and begins with a charming bulldog – reflecting the name and brand. It also explains the purpose of Bulldog’s products – to assist clients in waking up looking less like their favorite character when they visit Bulldog’s website.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

Bull Dog isn’t shy to show some personality with its brand. By adding a bit of fun and humanity, it creates an About Us page that is anything but ordinary. It readies visitors for a story by making them feel connected to Bull Dog’s mission and vision instantly. And that is how you make marketing memorable and lovely.

8. Doomtree

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research states that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. However, what if audio and visual were included too? Wouldn’t that enhance the story even further? Telling your story through multimedia is one way to captivate an audience.

Doomtree is based on an inventive notion: that a group of accomplished artists may have successful individual careers yet can still meet on a regular basis to create excellent music. It’s not a band; it’s a crew. It began as a jumble of friends in Minneapolis who, after school, tried to produce music without reading the manual. And you’re met with big, bold pictures of those pals as soon as you hit Doomtree’s About Us page.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

By continuing to scroll, users receive an even more in-depth look into the crew’s events and music tracks. This is beneficial because it allows visitors make a judgement on whether or not they would enjoy Doomtree’s product.

9. Below the Fold

Below the Fold is a firm dedicated to “shipping news stories you won’t find anywhere else,” according to its official website. With that in mind, the headline on the page serves as an introduction to Below the Fold and the company’s goal. You’ll discover four fundamental values, how the company makes money, and additional information about the team behind the scenes further down.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

The design of the website is very straight-forward and to the point, which allows the reader to focus on Below the Fold’s mission statement. There are no distractions in the form of colors, embellishments, or images so that the company’s message comes across loud and clear.10. Ceros

The ‘About Us’ page for Ceros is vibrant and lively. The pictures slide across the screen with punchy designs as you scroll. Furthermore, Ceros employs these stunning photos of its unique office to encourage visitors to become more acquainted with it.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

At Ceros, we strive to keep the text on our pages concise and impactful, as demonstrated by statements like “We exist to unlock creativity”. In addition, our company culture reflects our playful brand voice through core values such as “We wear our chicken suits”.

11. Marketive

I have rarely seen a more powerful opening statement than the one Marketive uses in its About Us page: “Got a solid product? We tell your target audience that you exist.”

Additionally, Marketive’s About Us page displays original designs rather than photos to support the text, and the page is simply fun to scroll through. Marketive’s layout tells a story in itself — starting with what the company does, moving into which types of industries it serves and ending with the company’s earlier milestones.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

The bottom-of-the-screen interactive milestone calendar is especially clever. It reflects some modest beginnings (including two failed businesses that served as the origins for current Marketive) and includes a user-friendly scroll element that highlights key dates over time.

12. Sweet Loren’s

Sweet Loren’s About Us page is bright, amusing, and colorful from start to finish. The page begins with a 60-second film before incorporating cookie dough-scooping GIFs. You’ll go through some of Sweet Loren’s key principles as you scroll, including inclusivity and refusing to negotiate.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

Last on the page are Sweet Loren’s mouth-watering goods, ensuring you’re ready to buy only after learning about Sweet Loren’s purpose and differentiating feature: producing non-GMO, gluten-free, plant-based, and delectable cookie dough.

13. TalEx

The tale behind Trained is a bit more complicated than that, as it has an unusual backstory. Two women left a large recruitment firm to establish their own and ended up signing with AOL, which was formerly their former employers’ customer.

Since it began, TalEx has seen growth of 4,900%. You can learn more about the company on its About Us page.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

The TalEx About page where the company dedicates almost half the page to social responsibility. This shows potential customers that they are dedicated to giving 5% of their net profit each year top various philanthropic organizations. Consequently, visitors of the site will understand that paying it forward is important to those at TalEx .

14. SkinnyDipped

SkinnyDipped’s About Us page includes a few adorable, polaroid images of the employees (three of which are pictures of the co-founders as young children), along with a touching tribute to Josh Dickerson. Dickerson was a family friend whose passing away served as motivation for starting this business.

The About Us page on the SkinnyDipped website is full of information about the company and its values. The story reads, “We decided to start a business … That it would be centered around food was obvious. For us – family, friends, food, and love are all tangled up.” By reading through this story (as well as the individual employee bios), you’ll get a sense of what SkinnyDipped is all about and why their products are so delicious.

15. LoveBug Probiotics

LoveBug Probiotics’ About Us page is one of the cutest on the internet, with an image of the founder’s four young children wearing “Chief Fun Officer”, “Chief Giggle Officer”, “Chief Silly Officer” and “Chief Humor Officer” t-shirts.

Why this About Us page rocks:

The page effectively includes all the information you’d need on the company to make an informed purchasing decision — including how the founder came up with the idea, her personal ties to the vision, the science behind her probiotics, and even an opportunity to find local stores that carry LoveBug probiotics.

Not only are the products supported by science, but the About Us page is easy to understand and follow. It’s not full of confusing information or difficult facts; instead, it’s a simple and straightforward page that actually helps visitors.

16. Brown and Coconut

At Brown and Coconut, we believe that sometimes simpler is better. Our About Us page features a photo of the two co-founders alongside a few paragraphs of text outlining the purpose and vision behind our company.

“After years of suffering from severe acne and irritated by the lack of effectiveness and additional damage they experienced with prominent skincare products, Brown and Coconut founders Letisha and Zeena Brown set out on a mission to cure their skin from the inside out.”

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

The About page for Brown and Coconut, for example, is straightforward in its language. Rather of concluding with a call to action directing readers to the firm’s items, the co-founders instead choose to include a call to action inviting visitors to follow the company on Instagram in order to advance a more effective, long-term lead generation strategy that begins with brand awareness.

17. Kuno Creative

The About Us page of Kuno Creative effectively focuses on what sets the firm apart: its people. While the agency’s origin is outlined in the first paragraph, much of the webpage is taken up by black-and-white photos of all of its employees, as well as biographical information about each member, like a modern-day yearbook.

Why this About Us page rocks:

To appeal to visitors without overwhelming them, the About Us page is designed with sleek lines and plenty of white space. The blue lettering stands out well against the background. If you’re not sure what content to include in your own About Us page, take notice of how Kuno Creative uses its people as a focus instead of its product. This humanizes the brand nicely

Best About ME Page Examples

1. Joe Payton

About Us pages are not the only ones that show values, personal About Me page does too. Your personal about page is just as important to a business’s image as an About Us page.

Joe’s self-portrait illustration not only establishes him as a designer and animator, but it also showcases his experience and knowledge. Joe’s website visitors are able to learn not just what he does, but also why he does it in an easy-to-understand format.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

Joe is open about his values as a creative professional, and he tells a story that leads the reader through each section of the page without making them scroll endlessly.

2. Madison Butler

Madison Butler is passionate about “deconstructing the status quo and rebuilding corporate America, one organization at a time.” She achieves this through her DEI work and advocacy.

The About page/homepage of the website states in a clear, concise manner: “I help organizations run smoothly by teaching them how to welcome everyone.”

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

The About page of Madison, which is simple, efficient, and to the point, follows her goal while staying true to it. The phrase “you belong here,” which concludes the headline, emphasizes Butler’s aim and efforts’ inclusivity. It’s emphasized even more in the footer where the term is repeated.

3. Sara Dietschy

Maintaining a personal blog is one way to build credibility, as well as attract and retain followers. On her About Me page, this professional YouTube content creator has an eclectic mix of movies and culture that she expresses across the board. nIn addition to the colorful self-portrait at the top of the page, Sara’s first line informs you how many individuals subscribe to her channel: 780,000 people. This is a vital number for potential video advertisers and collaborating with her because it tells them how much exposure they’d get by working with her or advertising on her channel.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

Although the text within each page has different colors, they all appear to be consistent with one another. The red tile is mirrored in the middle of this page’s design, as shown below. It does a great job separating her work by the sorts of projects she works on for whom she does them. This aids in navigation and comprehension of what’s most crucial for the reader to know.

4. ShaDrena

ShaDrena is a graphic artist who strives to “visually build creative rebellious brands beyond a logo.” On her About page, she demonstrates this goal for her own brand. Consisting of three sections—About, Bio, and Random Facts—the reader gets an extensive understanding of ShaDrena which goes deeper than simply design; it also captures her voice and personality. Since she describes herself as a “creative hustler,” “rule-breaker,” and “<em>designer of dope</em> brands” on site, the language reflects SchaDrena’s edgy character flawlessly, providing an authentic experience for anyone who comes across her web page.</p><p style=”text-align: left;”>

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

ShaDrena’s About page is intriguing because it goes against preconceptions about graphic artists. The majority of the information is shown in black, white, and gray, emphasizing ShaDrena’s design composition.

5. Marc Ensign

On his about page, this branding expert does two things better than anyone else: He conveys the importance of his work without seeming arrogant. Marketers understand that a casual tone is essential in the content they create, but to bring in customers, you must show that you have self-control and are trustworthy. This can be difficult to do while still appearing relatable.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

Marc Ensign nails the balance between friendly and formal with a confident opening statement. This not only draws the reader in but also establishes Marc as a relatable partner to work with.

6. Miracle Inameti-Archibong

Miracle Inameti-Archibong’s website is a case study in how to do a one-page website effectively, with an excellent design that emphasizes her copy. The content is shown in vivid pictures, vibrant colors, dynamic angles and blocks, and basic typefaces.

Why this About Us page is Awesome:

Miracle’s About Me section is designed to give the reader a broad overview of her work history while still keeping the information concise. The four-sentence structure ensures that readers will understand her career timeline without feeling overwhelmed. Then, she dives deeper into her areas of expertise and provides social proof in the form of testimonials from satisfied clients.

There’s an entire world out there waiting to hear about you and your story. So don’t be afraid to tell them all about who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what makes you unique. You never know who might be inspired by hearing your story.

Creating an About Us page may not seem like a difficult task, but we assure you that it isn’t. Take the best practices, templates, and examples you’ve seen so far, and have some fun with them. With a good story to tell, creative content, humility, and easy-to-understand visuals, you’ll be well on your way to creating an appealing user experience.