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Why Google+ is So Important - blog post image
  • Todd Johnson
  • September 09, 2012
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  • Posted 9 years ago

Nowadays, it's all about local searches. Not only have major search engines such as Google has given greater prominence to social signals but it has also decided to give more power to local businesses on the lookout for local customers.

There was a time when SEO was all about adding back-links to a website all over the internet. This is still a proven method of improving rankings but it is not necessarily the most effective method of attracting quality customers to your website. Sure, people will click on your links and pay a visit to your site. But how many of them actually buy your products? This is where social bookmarking and local searches come in to save the day.

With its recent updates, Google has decided to call businesses with more online social activity as popular ones. Although the method of scattering links across the web is a considerably easier method than maintaining a stable online social presence, the latter is a more effective method that will provide long term results. As for Google+, it has made things possible for small businesses to become visible on Google's radar.

With local searches being more and more important, Google+ and Google+ Local have taken things in to their hands to let local customers find local businesses. With the integration of Zagat ( a restaurant reviewing website) into Google+ Local, social sharing and genuine customer feedback have merged into creating the perfect search results for their users. While certain SEO techniques may push websites up the rankings, someone who is actually looking for a local business would be quite annoyed to find a link farm showing up on the top of their SERPs.  

In other words, it has become necessary for a business to be optimised on Google+ for it to begin to matter in terms of local searches. Having more and more users join and provide feedback on your Google+ profile is one of the proven methods of doing this. And what better place to find out more about how qualified SEO professionals can help you create a valid presence on Google than the Byron Bay Website Design Team Australian Website Development. Contact us for more information on the latest social optimisation strategy designed especially to attract local searches.


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