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Pay $7 to Promote your Facebook Posts - blog post image
  • Todd Johnson
  • March 15, 2013
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  • Posted 8 years ago

Facebook has introduced a brand new feature to get more views, shares and likes on your posts. Released on Tuesday, the feature allows users to pay Facebook to promote whatever they like. According to Todd Johnson of Australian Website Development, this is a great opportunity to businesses to make their Facebook presence much more prominent at a nominal cost. He added that there will surely be a massive change for Facebook business page owners who are in need of fast social media exposure.

As of now, the facility to promote for cash is only available to a small group of US users. Those who have seen the feature in action claim that the cost of promoting a typical post is around $7. According to a company spokesperson, this is a part of the experiment and that Facebook is currently considering a range of various prices.

As it was said on a blog post from Facebook, the 'promote' option is set to appear alongside the 'like' 'comment' and 'share' options with each post.  However, just how many US users are currently able to access the feature is not yet disclosed by Facebook. This is a great move by Facebook to allow business owners and individuals to make their posts appear to a wider audience with minimal effort. Of course, while a business fan page may get viewers and viral popularity, Facebook will be raking in the dollars.

In addition to this feature, Facebook is said to have run several experiments such as a gift-giving feature where users are able to send real gifts to their friends. Although there is little information about the gift feature, the post promoting feature is sure to become a hit with many business pages. Of course, it is highly unlikely that anyone would pay money to promote their personal posts but for various public figures and organizations, this will definitely be a welcome feature.

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