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New Google PageRank Update: What it Means for Your Website - blog post image
  • Todd Johnson
  • August 13, 2012
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  • Posted 9 years ago

Google's updates are always the talk of the town. This is not actually surprising considering Google's effect on the search engine market. However, this is not about an algorithm update. The latest update concerns an update to Google's PageRank.

For those of you who didn't know, PageRank is a tool designed by Google with the purpose of measuring a website's importance on a scale of 1 - 10. The measurements depend on the number of links that are lead to the site. In other words, the links are sort of like votes that push a page up the PageRank scale. When they are of great quality, the PageRank scale displays a higher value. However, you must understand that the value shown on PageRank is not the same as your ranking  on Google.

When it comes to link building, scattering links for your site on websites with higher PageRank values is always a good move to increase your own. The more links you have from such websites, the higher your PageRank will be. This, once again highlights the importance of quality link building as it was popularly (or unpopularly) instated by Google Penguin. For instance, social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are known to have a high PageRank. Therefore, links to your website from these platforms will be of considerably higher value. Although the links are valued, spamming is not tolerated. Therefore, practicing moderation is key to attaining higher PageRank values as well as a higher position on SERPs.

Google Penguin focused more attention on one more thing: quality content. It's a dark age for content farms, sub standard on page content and link farms. If your website contains plenty of quality content, the PageRank value will automatically be increased as Google will consider your content to be trustworthy. Of course, with the right keyword density, it will be a sure way to climb your way up the SERPs as well.

So what exactly is PageRank's part on increasing a site's visibility? In its most simple form, PageRank matters to improve your visibility in SERPs. A higher PageRank value is considered to be an added boost to your site. Therefore, a high PageRank value is considered to be your website's higher potential to rank higher on SERPs.

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