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How to build the perfect website utilising Adobe Business Catalyst - blog post image
  • Todd Johnson
  • November 18, 2012
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  • Posted 9 years ago

A business without a website has quite a limited choice of paths towards greater success these days.  With more and more prominence given to online businesses, social media marketing and SEO, owning a real life business without an online presence is no longer adequate. Therefore, having the right website is an essential requirement for just about any business. No matter what your business area or provided services may be,  it is always important to keep some important things in mind when it comes to building a website.

1. The right platform

If you are a small company, there is little doubt that you won't be willing to spend a small fortune on an IT services provider to manage your website. With so many user friendly platforms out there, there is hardly any need to let a fancy website manager deal with your site when you can easily deal with new updates, promotions and blogs with an easy to use website design platform? A prime example of such a platform would be Adobe Business Catalyst. With Business Catalyst's integrated CRM system, e-commerce friendly architecture and user friendly back-end interface, there is no need to seek for website management assistance elsewhere.

2. The ideal design

The possibilities for website design is seemingly endless these days. With so many different platforms, talented designers and tools to make even the most vibrant of designs can be created with ease. The idea is to select a design that suits your company's image. This means that you have to consider the perfect colour scheme, fonts, and page layout carefully until you have come up with something that truly represents your brand.

3. Ease of navigation

A cleverly designed website will be a wasted effort if a user has trouble finding their way around the site. In fact, if a website is built in such a way that users are unable to find the home page in one click, they may click away to another site within seconds. Therefore, the right design always has to come hand in hand with functionality.

4. The presentation of information

This is also a part of the design. However, a gorgeous website will be of no use unless the proper content is present. For instance, if a user visits your website with the hopes of finding some information about a specific product that you may be selling, then your product catalogue may not be very helpful. However, a blog article, reviews left by a customer or even a detailed product description may be exceptionally helpful. Therefore, be sure to provide as much industry specific information on your website as possible. Not only will this prompt your users to make informed purchasing decisions but it will also create returning visitors over time.

5. SEO

Without SEO, your website will be yet another site among the millions. With a properly optimised website, you will be able to reach thousands of prospective customers without spending big on a marketing campaign. The ideal way to proceed would be to contact a website designer with sound SEO knowledge.

Here, at Australian Website Development, we provide  web design solutions for a range of different businesses. We create beautiful, functional and easy to manage websites at an affordable price. Contact our web design company today for a quote.


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