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Website ranking is obviously a big concern for any business regardless of its size. Maintaining a website’s good ranking is precisely why businesses like to hire an SEO company. The leads and sales your business generate all depends on where you rank in the search engine. But, the harsh truth is, when it comes to SEO things are extremely uncertain

One day everything is going great, and the next day – your rankings have suddenly dropped. When faced with such situation, it’s only natural to wonder – ‘why did this happen with me’? But, don’t panic. Because, there are ways to make things work.

This blog will help you to understand the common reasons behind sudden drop in a site’s ranking and how to fix /prevent that from happening in the first place. Here are some common reasons for an instant decrease in your website rankings and what strategies and precautions every SEO services company can follow to fix the situation:

1. Algorithmic and Manual Penalty Ranking Drop

Usually, a manual penalty rank drop happens within a night. When your website drops minimum 10 positions for a number of keywords, it’s usually due to a penalty. Algorithmic penalties are automatic and discharged with Google Updates. There can be many reasons behind that like spam generated by users, hacked websites, thin content, cloaking, and unnatural backlinks.

Identifying and recovering from Google Penalties

To understand the reason, firstly, you need to check the Google Webmaster Tools account. There you can find the messages or notifications sent by the Google related to the manual actions applied against your website. Check the menu of website messages to find out the issues detected by GoogleBot.

Once you’ve found the Google penalties applied to your website, accept them, and research how to solve them. The first thing you need to do is what harmed your site. If the issue is related to on-page then that look for duplicate content & linking. If it is an off-page issue, it might be due to unnatural linking. Remove those links present in the content. Regaining your position back can take some time so be patient.

Preventions against Google Penalties

Every online marketing company should keep a regular eye on its site’s ranking. Monitor the links continuously. You can do so on search engines like Yahoo & Bing. Regular monitoring helps detect if something is wrong and you can fix it in time to avoid unpleasant situations.

2. The role of Competitors

When you get outranked by a rival, you will see a little drop in the ranking. Whenever something like this happens; the position of your rival’s website changes while others remain in the same position.

How to identify this issue?

Be aware of your competitors’ activities on social media accounts and websites to keep yourself updated.

How to prevent this?

Analysing your rivals’ moves can let you understand what can be their next step. Try to know their link building tactics and content strategies. If they are growing steadily, it means their strategies are effective. Understand them closely and mould your tactics accordingly.

3.The loss in links – it can be a little or big drop in ranking

The velocity of links changes suddenly as you lost your inbound links from your profile.

How to identify & solve?

Check the list of links in your profile and determine how many links you’ve lost in the last 3 months. If the list is huge then it is indicating a decrease in the ranking. If the links are removed by the webmaster intentionally then it can be a red flag to Google that abstracted links were unnatural.

How to prevent this issue?

Every internet marketing company should use specialised software to track the links a website has lost and monitor link velocity. By doing so, it will know the issue before it becomes worse.

5. Google Flux

It can be a big or slight decrease depends on the situation. This is something over which you have no control. Such problems are quite volatile and unpredictable.

How to identify?

It is very difficult to find out this issue. Make sure that everything is okay, like:

  • No internal linking problems
  • Zero on-page issues
  • No known Google update that might have affected the ranking
  • No issues from competitors

There is no surefire way to solve this type of situation. Do your job properly and you will be back on the track soon.

How to prevent?

As you read, you don’t have any control over Google fluxes. So you can’t do anything. It is very normal for any website. If there is a flux, you will be back automatically.

6. Negative SEO

Negative SEO activities are usually a work of a rival site and can involve a number of things.

The activities involved in negative SEO are:

  • Building spammy links for the site
  • building unnatural linking to the site
  • site hacking
  • content scraping, etc

If the issue is related to backlinks, the best way is to verify the spammy links generated for your site. Work on them and check your profile for new & suspicious links in SEO SpyGlass.

If the problem is content scraping, then an effective way to deal with the situation is to file against the scraper by using copyright infringement report of Google. To play safe, get in touch with the best SEO company in your vicinity and they’ll do the needful.

How to prevent?

You must perform back link audits regularly to defend your site from sudden drop in the ranking.

These can be some of the reasons for sudden drop in a site’s ranking. But, if handled well, they can raise your traffic and ranking. Although all the issues can be fixed, but it’s always best to practice preventive measures.